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Native Plant Nursery

In keeping with our commitment to supporting a highly functional and stable ecosystem, our plant nursery is focused on perpetuating the genetics of native northern New England plants. We believe these plants play an important role in contributing to a broad genetic base that is critical to whole ecosystem stability.

These plants like to multi-task; they offer attactive flowers and also support pollinators and other beneficial insects, the insects in turn attacting birds. The Joe Pye weed, boneset, and and willow shrubs we offer are also great for rain gardens and erosion control. Please contact us by email, on Facebook, or by phone to purchase plants.

Currently available

Checkerberry (gaultheria procumbens) Also known as winter-green or teaberry. Low growing ground cover with glossy evergreen leaves. Thrives under pine or oak in acidic soils with medium moisture, sun or shade.       SOLD OUT

Willow shrubs for pollinators, birds, privacy screens, erosion control, rain gardens.   Full to partial sun.

$7.00                 14 in stock

Bristly sarsaparilla (aralia hispida) Adapted to sandy or gravelly soils and droughty conditions. Requires full sun.


Golden Alexanders  (Zizia aurea) - 1year old plants in #1 pots. Full to partial sun. moist to average soils, grows to 1 to 2 feet in height and width. $7.00          15 in stock


Spotted Joe Pye weed (Eutrochium maculatum) - one year old plants in 1 gallon pots. Grows to 5 to 7 feet with clusters of purple flowers late summer to fall. Moist soil, full sun. $7.00

                     80  in stock

Grass leaved goldenrod (euthamia graminifolia)  Not a true goldenrod, this species has unique flat topped cluster of small,shiny yellow flowers. Spreads by rhizomes. Full to partial sun, moist to medium soils.

$7.00              24 in stock

Zig zag goldenrod (solidago flexicaulis). A lowgrowing 10 to 14 inch tall goldenrod for moderate to dry soils in shade or partial shade. Blooms from July to frost


Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) - 1 year old plants. Tiny white flowers in dense flat topped clusters. Moist soil, full sun. Grows to 4 feet tall.

1 gal. pot     $7.00        12 in stock

Blue vervain (verbena hastata) 

Moist, but not waterlogged soils, full sun. Grows to 5 feet tall.

#1 pot           $7.00   10 in stock

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