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Custom Milling


Our Timberking 1220 sawmill handles logs up to 16' long and 26" diameter. We source logs locally according to what is available. We are not equipped to haul logs, but if you can deliver them to our Unity, NH location we can saw boards, lumber, posts or beams from your logs up to our size limits. Contact us by email or phone, or visit our Facebook page and leave a message.

Available Lumber


Hemlock logs to be milled to your specifications. Contact us about available lengths and widths.

Blade Sharpening

Cat Swamp Farm also offers sharpening and setting for bandsaw blades.For grinding  blades up to180", the charge is $10.00 per blade for the first five blades of the same profile, and then $7.00 per blade for additional matching blades. Setting is $3.00 per blade.

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